L’Chaim - Richard Karn You know Richard Karn as the lovable, venerable “Al Borland”, sidekick to Tim Allen on Home Improvement, currently in worldwide syndication, and as the host of the hit game show Family Feud. Richard graduated from University of Washington with a masters degree from the Professional Actors Training Program. He brought real life experience to the role of Al Borland as he was working as an apartment building manager prior to being cast in the wildly successful Home Improvement.  He comes by his knowledge of tools and his creativity honestly.  His father, Gene, is a retired building contractor and his mother, Louise was a painter. Now Richard brings his expertise to L’Chaim.  He will fly all over the country finding the best Jewish companies and telling you all about them.  Look for Richard on upcoming episodes of L’Chaim.  We’re proud to have him on the team.